I am pretty sure this is the video they use to deprogramme people who have been rescued from the flocks where they are being kept prisoner. It is the final insult. You think you looked ridiculous with a dog herding you? They were controlling you with a rabbit. Most people break at that point and hang their head in deep shame.

All over the world people are rescuing their loved ones from the sheep cults. They sneak in at night and grab them. Yes, I know what you are thinking, how do they know they have the right one, they all look the same. It is true, but if you are missing a brother and you get a sister by mistake you just have to be thankful. The Priest blesses that you tried.

Yup, Priests are no longer as concerned about getting it exactly right anymore, hence the greater tolerance for all kinds of sins. Those standards were lowered long before the sheep herds starting snatching everyone from out of their college dorms. People can’t be expected to achieve the impossible like absolutely NO murder … ever.

Anyway they take the sheep people and sheer them so they are all naked … it is the best way to rehumanize them. There is no mistaking a human body underneath all that wool once the wool is gone. Then they shine a bright light in their eyes, keep them without food or water and play really annoying loud music from Veggie Tunes. They have to employ mind control techniques because that is what life is … a war for control of your mind and hair of the dog and because all the movies do it this way and ya … other stuff.

Then a strange thing happens and people stop baaaing and running around in a group because they are not in a group anymore they are alone in their room and running around by yourself is nowhere near as much fun and looks pretty stupid when it is uploaded to Youtube. Then they sit down and they are shown this video. it is shame therapy, It works for the hardcore cases who feel no shame that they are herded around by a dog. They rationalize that a dog is big and ferocious and has fangs and could disembowel you. BUT when you show them the Easter Bunny herding you … deep shame sets in and you feel like a fool and you accept that you are NOT a sheep.

Then you put on your real clothes and you don’t even care that you are a boy and they thought they were rescuing their mom and you have to wear a dress. You are a free boy in a dress.

YOU are not a sheep.