Ok, my daughter just posted this to me on FakeBook and evidently it is for real.  Like do they really think farmers need encouragement to inbreed?  Have you ever been to a farming community?  Everyone married their neighbour’s kid and then stays there and has kids and they marry their neighbour’s kids and they stay there and have kids and well … do I have to paint a picture for you?

People from the city have been taking their puppies and kitties and dumping them out on a lone country road for years … thinking a nice farmer will come along and take them in and give them a good home on the farm where there are lots of mice and cows to squirt milk into kitty’s mouths for the cats and cows and sheep to round up for the dogs to play with.

It is about time people from the country take their kids and dump them out on city streets and hope some nice city person will marry them, and they can have kids and they can marry someone else’s kids, someone who does not live across the hill or down the road, and then maybe the world will be a better place.  I can’t promise that.  The whole kitty/puppy thing was not a roaring success either.  Most of them ended up inbreeding and or dying.

Ok let’s forget that analogy.  I will try to get my head around the world moving forward and after a long day combining, everyone is gathered around the computer, checking out the farmer’s dating site.  I wonder how they will make sure that the people are legitimate farmers and not just some city wannabe farmer.  I bet they have to send in a video tape of them driving a tractor and eating prairie oysters and milking a cow.  And I bet they have to have 3 known farmers affidavit that they are indeed a farmer and I bet one of them CANNOT be Old McDonald.

Eeei, eeei, o.