This is me. A Canadian, freezing in Australia.

Canadians are laughing at me. How can I possibly be cold right? Lucky me living in Australia.

I grew up on the prairies in Alberta. We went sometimes for a couple of weeks in winter without any power, completely snowed in. We only had a generator to turn on for a few hours each day to cook, to heat the house a little. We went to bed with the water turned on so the pipes would not freeze up. We even had to cover all the windows and underneath the doors and stay in one room to stay warm one really bad winter.

My point in telling you this? I was never ever as cold there as I have been here in Australia!!!

Let me tell you how tired I am of my husband telling me “It’s not cold,” when my teeth are chattering so loud I can’t hear the television. Or I can share how sick I am of Australians saying how cold they are and then discounting that I would even feel the cold being as I am Canadian . . . . I am used to cold.

Yes I am Canadian and yes it is cold there. How did I survive? Like all Canadians survive. It is called HEATED HOMES. We insulate our homes. We have basements that are heated, houses with forced air furnaces so our entire house, even the attic, is completely heated. We have heated floors and towel racks. We have BIG bathtubs that we fill with hot water and we get in them and sit whenever we want. We have heated garages and heated cars with heated seats. We park in heated underground parking and walk around heated malls. He can even walk all through some cities down town through heated covered walkways across the streets.

The point is after the second and third winter, we accepted that this was going to keep happening every year and so we adapted our homes accordingly. We are quick like that.

Here, you just go and buy a fur jacket and some fur lined boots and some mittens and a scarf … and you wear them in your house. Twice a day you go outside just to thaw out a little and to buck up for another session on the toilet where you will probably end up with frost bite … after you finish chipping through the ice in the bowl….

There are so many things I want to say to these people, and believe me I do say them, really nasty sarcastic things . . . In my head. Outwardly I just smile and nod and say things like “nice snowsuit, really like the attached fur ear muffs.”

Damn, lost a finger typing. I should know better than to strike the key so hard when it is this cold.

In related news …. it snows here too.