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March 2016

Deconstructed Fashion for Walmart Shoppers. Outfit #271


I am not saying that I don’t have compassion for this model and the fact that she was attacked by a herd of pheasants on the way to the fashion shoot but I don’t think she is “Shmizing” with her eyes like Tyra says models should and making “duck lips” only draws attention to the dead pheasant on her head.  The only positive thing I can say about this whole presentation is that it appears she nailed her pose … I think those are nails in her boots.  Also, I think Models should be more appreciative of the fact they are making all kinds of money just to not eat and then stand there.  Of course, it is possible that her grandma showed up and is in the audience and has once again taken out her teeth and removed her bra and that look is just an “are you freaking kidding me?  Not again.  I am really sick to death of grandma and her damn shenanigans.”   If that is the case, I would apologize – providing someone can supply me with pictures as proof, and the judge says it is either apologize or jail.  I will not die for fashion.  I like to eat too much.


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